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Please contact John “Auction John” Froelich at 440-454-1121 to talk about opportunities to join this fast growing team of professional auctioneers.


Ohio Farm Auction is dedicated to sellers who want the finest auction service company available to help sell their property for the highest fair market value on the day of their auction.

We have brought together some of the finest auctioneers in America by choosing to work with graduates of the Certified Auctioneers Institute. This program, sponsored and endorsed by the National Auctioneers Association, is a three year study in using state-of-the-art marketing and management practices to run a successful auction company.  Currently there are approximately 800+/- practicing graduates in the USA, out of a industry pool of over 100,000 auctioneers nationwide. 

Our auctioneers are in the top 1% of all auctioneers when it comes to education, training and a successful track record of selling real estate.

We partner with auctioneers across Ohio so that you have a local auctioneer who knows your area, your kinds of land, your market and your potential buyers.  Local knowledge is critical to a successful auction, and we support our partner auctioneers with marketing, advertising, branding and social media exposure that puts their advertising efforts head and shoulders above the competition. 

Many of our auctioneers also are graduates of the NAA Accredited Auctioneer of Real Estate course, a three day intensive training program focused solely on high tech ways to market real estate in today’s internet economy.  This training helps Ohio Farm Auction give you, the seller, the very best opportunity to sell your properties for the most possible money at auction.

At Ohio Farm Auction, we work for the seller and only the seller and everything we do is to make our auction process easy, transparent and fun!  We take all the work off your back and once we have your properties loaded into our proven, successful system of auction marketing, all you have to do is control your excitement as you wait for auction day!

The goal of Ohio Farm Auction is not to just sell off the matters of the estate, but to make each and every auction an event in it’s own right.  Most auctions are not only a sale of land or things, but a true repository of a lifetime of work, of saving, of creating a personal legacy – all lined up for the world to see and bid on.

In July of 2017 we had the privilege of auctioning off a 40-year collection of automobiles that were the life long love of Mr Ron Hackenberger and his family.  After 4 months of grueling work and with the co-operation of a local race track ownership and on their property, we sold 750 cars at auction in two days under what is the biggest tent I have ever been in.  Here is what Mr. Hackenberger said, and gave us his permission to print:

“John really went above and beyond the call to insure my auction was truly a successful event – not just an auction.  I strongly recommend John for all your future auction needs.”

For all your auction needs, please give a call to Ohio Farm Auction and let’s set down for a spell and talk.



In 2009, after a successful career in sales and small business ownership, our founder John Froelich made the decision to become a professional auctioneer and “make this my last ride into the sunset of my life.”

During the next eight years, John had the typical conversation with another auctioneer about the lackluster success he had achieved in the industry.  The other auctioneer’s advice?  “The first 10 years of my auction career were some of the worst years of my life.  Now that my career and my company have settled onto a successful path, it’s one of the greatest joys of my life to be able to help others by auction.”

Having found that “successful path” has given John that same feeling.  Helping people move on with their lives, whether for the seller personally, or family members taking care of business after the passing of a loved one, has been especially rewarding.  “The relief that I see in the eyes of my clients after a successful auction gives me a feeling of joy and satisfaction that replaces the feeling of responsibility I have right up until the time of the auction.” 

Launching Ohio Farm Auction has been a dream come true for John, ever since the spark of that idea was hatched during his training at the Certified Auctioneer Institute at Indiana University in 2013.  This training qualifies him as one of only 800 practicing graduates out of over 100,000 auctioneers across the USA. 

His business plan for Ohio Farm Auction won him the prestigious Rose Award – the single and only award given to a CAI class of 50 auctioneers at the end of three years of training.  As of 2017, there have only been 31 recipients since it’s inception!  This alone puts John and Ohio Farm Auction into a very, very elite category of qualified auction executives.

We care about each and every one of our auction clients, from the first time we walk through your door until the last item is picked up after the auction.  Hopefully, this shows in everything that we do after you choose us as your auction company of choice.  We acknowledge that you do have a choice, and we hope and pray that you simply give us a chance to present our case.